Introducing Heritage Law Marketing

by on 20 February, 2013

About two and half years ago I called my good friend Rob, a web developer, and discussed the idea of a business that would promote attorneys with specific cultural background and with specific language skills from around the world. One example was to promote the services of Iranian attorneys to Iranians around the world. The premise was that people generally have a greater level of trust when dealing with attorneys that share a connection through their culture, language, or religion. Since these attorneys have a better understanding of the potential cultural issues surrounding legal cases and are able to tear down any language barriers, they are better qualified to handle such cases.

In March 2011 I registered the business name Heritage Law Marketing; wrote a preliminary business plan and got started on the coding. The core development team was myself, Rob (a great programmer), and Jason, our graphic designer. Along the way we also brought a few more web developers and graphic designers on board to help shore up our core team. My cousin, who happens to be an Iranian attorney, agreed to be our legal adviser, and I also knew the CEO of a successful start-up engineering company who agreed to be our business adviser.

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For the last 14 months (since April 2011) I’ve been working on a web project that has lead to Heritage Law Marketing LLC. Its a network of sites promoting attorneys based on their cultural background and language skills.


I had owned (now for few years and had been listing Iranian attorneys for free. I received great feedback from those listings, inquiries to buy advertising, and offers to buy the site. It made perfect sense. People generally have a higher level of trust with those whom they connect with  through their background, language, or religion. What’s more was the fact that it was a market segment largely ignored by the large legal marketing firms. Hence Heritage Law Marketing LLC was born in April 2011. It now has 20+ sites such as Arab LawyersLatino Lawyers, and Indian Lawyers. Click To Continue…

I just ran into this problem and took me an hour to find a solution. Here is the short fix:

  1. Go to Thesis –> Design Option –> Comment Options –> Display Setting and uncheck the “Comment Form” option.
  2. Add the following code to your custom-function.php

add_action('thesis_hook_after_comments','comment_form', 1);

If you have a Google account and are logged in when you do your searches, then Google knows everything there is to know about you. I use Google personal search, Gmail, Latitude, Google Calendar (synced with Outlook), Google Plus, YouTube, Android phone, Google Books, Google Docs, Google Wallet,  Google Reader, FeedBurner, Google Analytics, Google Business Apps, Chrome, Google Talk, Bookmarks, Google Custom Search, Google Finance, and even more.

Google knows more about me than my best friends, my parents and my employer combined and that’s the case for many people who use Google regularly. Unconsciously we’ve  put more trust in Google than we would ever put in any single person. To be fair so far Google hasn’t betrayed us either (at least not that we know about).

Have we put most our eggs in one basket? You bet we have.

You are free to use the image above for non commercial use if you post a link back with appropriate credit. I’ve paid for it to be created and it is copyrighted so please be considerate.

Improving PHP Galleria

by on 11 December, 2011

PHP Galleria

I bought on Flippa about a year ago for $1500. I’ve improved the site’s design and on-site SEO factors quite a bit but the profit has stayed at about $150 a month which is mainly due to lack of decent search engine ranking. Today I updated the site a little more.

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Simplify Your Castle

by on 19 October, 2011

This post was written by my good friend Abrahim Nadimi. Thanks Abrahim.

As you are reading this there are probably 14 emails, 2 magazines, 5 booklets filled with less-than-thrilling “save now!” offers, and 13 text messages being typed with your name on them. Yet it’s not just the marketers that are competing for your immediate attention – your tire is probably going flat and the food you ate two hours ago is about to make you run to the store for some medicine. Not particularly surprising in the world where “complexity” is the name of the game and multitasking is the only acceptable modus operandi.

I will not reveal any secrets when I say that with success comes resistance. Like a rock flying through air experiences more resistance the faster it moves, you too will find new and more challenging obstacles each step you move. I’ve experienced this time and time again. I’ve also figured out that I’m excellent at inviting new obstacles into my life. More stress is a good thing because it means I’m accomplishing things. Right? Click To Continue…

Hookah Website Revamped

by on 23 September, 2011

I’ve been in the hookah website business for over 6 years now. Started as a simple blog, turned it into a blog plus forum community, then added a directory, and eventually an eCommerce store. I continued modifying and improving the site with the online store for about 3 years and along the way moved the site to

Last month (August) I completely re-designed the site and took it back to its roots. It now has a blog, forums, gallery, directory, and most importantly a hookah wiki section. It’s (IMO) the most complete hookah website online.

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